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We have a special reason to take care of our environment, because almost all of our operations are linked with the forest. Forests in Europe cover more than one-third of the country, and probably no less a part of the Europe's heart. Our management of the forests we work in is driven by our understanding of the social, economic and ecological impacts. We respect the forest, its history and the benefits it gives to the people who use it, and the entire country.
finelogs.co.uk firewood is produced from renewable wood. Our goal is to maintain the sustainability of our forests through careful industrial management.
We practise sound forestry ecology to fell and use the raw materials in the most efficient ways. Our main goal is to utilise the whole log, and we work hard to avoid any wood waste. Optimising the cutting of the tree in the forest ensures its efficient use by our production site and at the same time enables the most effective log recovery. We use the small logs, roots and other residues as biofuel.

All the raw materials we use are inspected to ensure compliance with our own environmental policy. All raw materials are purchased from legal sources.


Did you know that by heating your house with firewood you are taking a stand in favour of the environment? Heating your home with firewood does not contribute to the greenhouse effect to the same extent as fossil fuels such as gas and coal. When gas and coal are burned, carbon that has been buried for millions of years is released in the form of carbon dioxide. The result is an increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, the main cause of the greenhouse effect.




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