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If there’s one thing we understand, it’s wood. We have over 14 years’ experience in firewood production.
At finelogs.co.uk we constantly monitor the quality of our products, not only to meet international standards, but also to make sure we are selling the best product we can. Our product tests and quality control measurements are taken systematically and on random samples.

Our production and operations staff are regularly trained on quality requirements. Training and quality assessment play a natural part in our everyday operations.

finelogs.co.uk - committed to quality, committed to firewood.

WHY BALTIC FIREWOOD?              

We use only Baltic birch logs for our firewood as this provides the very best timber for burning.
Baltic birch is grown in the northern part of Europe where the cold temperatures make growth rates much slower and thus the wood has a very tight grain and higher density than faster-growing varieties. That brings high heat output and efficiency compared with wood grown in other parts of Europe.
The high quality of our firewood starts in the forest with the raw materials we use. Working closely with our wood suppliers, we can optimise the wood into different log lengths on site according to our customers’ needs.
finelogs.co.uk - every pallet is checked and certified.



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