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Log Sizes, Weight & Moisture content


What sizes of logs do you sell?

When we supply firewood and logs, we try to think of our customers’ needs and requirements, so we aim to manufacture logs and firewood that will fit most open fires and wood-burning stoves. With this in mind, all our logs are cut to an average length of 25 cm.

What does the firewood weigh?

You should never buy firewood by weight – remember that you could be paying for a lot of water! As firewood can have a high moisture content, log suppliers are not permitted by UK law to sell logs based on weight; instead, logs and firewood are usually sold by volume. All packaging volumes used by finelogs.co.uk are based on a loose volume equivalent measure. Please keep in mind that kiln-dried firewood is likely to produce twice as much heat as seasoned wood of the same volume.

What is the moisture content of the logs?

The most important characteristic of any firewood is its moisture content. Logs with less than 20% moisture content are called kiln-dried. Logs with moisture content between 25% and 50% are called seasoned. Logs with a moisture content of over 50% are called unseasoned.

finelogs.co.uk - kiln-dried firewood logs are dried to less than 20% moisture content.


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